The light of Malaysia, the gospel for prostate patients around the world➠{Forefront Ling}, radically cures stubborn prostate diseases, and easily stops frequent and urgent urination, dysuria, and weak urination~

The light of Malaysia, the gospel for prostate patients around the world➠{Forefront Ling}, radically cures stubborn prostate diseases, and easily stops frequent and urgent urination, dysuria, and weak urination~

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The Light of Malaysia➥See-Tong Pang (Feng Sizhong) 

Solve the world problem of curing the prostate




Yes, one pill can cure impotence and premature ejaculation 


No matter how many years prostate problem is, as long as you take it ⇉Dr. Feng’s "Forefront Ling", no surgery, no injections, ranging from 7 days to as long as 15 days, it is easy to stop frequent urination, urgency, painful urination, weak urination... …\4.png



Today, I will take you into Demon for prostate treatment

Feng Sizhong, the heir of Qianlong's imperial physician


I come from Kluang City, Johor, Malaysia. My family has been a doctor for generations.  And we were edicated to the emperor. Qianlong also gave a yellow mantle. In the imperial pharmacy in the palace, my Feng's family doesn't look at other diseases, we only treat "evil diseases" to the emperor. In the Qing Dynasty, prostate disease is often a disease that is difficult to talk about, so it is called "evil disease". In fact, this nickname has been in our family for more than 300 years, and there is also a secret prescription of the royal doctor of the court; since the Taizu of my family served Qianlong, he was called "Feng Demon".

It's still called "Feng Demon" to me, and it has been dozens of generations. There are many men in the palace, so there are many people with prostate disease. Whenever the diseases related to the prostate, in the hands of our Master Feng, capture an enemy easily, treat one and cure one, and treat two and cure a pair.


In this way, I forged an indissoluble bond with prostate disease, and inherited the unique skills of my Feng family to this day!

I continue to improve the family's legendary prescription and make good medicines, just to make the patients recover as soon as possible. It now appears that my efforts have not been in vain, and this product has been officially approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health as "Forefront Ling".





This product has been jointly recommended by 300 experts present at the Malaysian Urology Annual Conference and International Urology Conference

I promise everyone here today: No matter what your prostate is uncomfortable, others will not be cured by spending tens of thousands. It only takes 1-3 courses of treatment make you get better when you come to me.

Heal once, never recur!


The real cases like iron prove its effectiveness

Hospitalized for 3 years due to uremia, unable to recover

【Forefront Ling】get cured in 30 days

There is a Mr. Jia in Malacca who has uremia in his 30s. He stayed in the hospital all day for treatment  and spent more than 200,000 in the hospital. The condition is not getting better, but it is getting more and more serious. His father and my old neighbourhood are relatives. My old neighbourhood introduced me to Mr. Jia's father.

At that time, I knew what was going on. It turned out that Mr. Jia still suffered from serious prostate disease. To treat uremia, the virus must be excreted from the urine. However, Mr. Jia has urinary retention due to prostatic disease, and the long-term poor urination has caused the virus to flow back to the bladder and kidneys; therefore, I recommend that he take {Forefront Ling}!

When the second bottle was taken, Mr. Jia's uremia was relieved a lot. Because his prostate disease is healed, he urinates smoothly, the virus is excreted from the body, and his uremia is naturally healed. Later, Mr. Jia probably insisted on taking it for another month to consolidate, and now he still keeps in touch with me, saying that he opened a wholesale clothing company at the zoo and his business is getting bigger and bigger.



Suffer from prostate cancer, the doctor's diagnosis is that he is not suitable for  surgery

【Forefront Ling】Cure in 45 days

Li Ying's sharing: In the past year, my father often had symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, white urine, fatigue, insomnia, etc.; he went to the hospital for examination, and the related indicators of the examination showed: PSA value 100 (prostate-specific antigen indicator) The doctor basically thought it was prostate cancer. The 76-year-old dad at the time was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer by MR examination, digital examination, and puncture. There were multiple bone metastases, and radical surgery was no longer possible. The whole family was brought into desperation, despair, and at a loss.

Dad thought that he would like to give up treatment, Anyway, he is also old and will die altogether. Live a day as a day! But I don't want to give up, and I want my father to stay with me a little longer; so I kept asking about the treatment, until some time ago, my classmates at the Malaysian Urology Clinic introduced Professor Feng Sizhong's {Forefront Ling}. I bought this Chinese medicine pill on the Internet.

Dad was very resistant at first, because all kinds of famous medicines were useless, and even the operation was useless. But he didn’t want to disappoint my intentions, so he ate for a few days. The frequency of urination and urgency have been significantly improved, and the pain of urination has also improved. Less than a month, the symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and bifurcation have improved significantly. After the father finished the three courses of treatment, the symptoms all disappeared and the person was particularly energetic; he went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, and more than 100 indicators were all normal! ! !



Prostate repeat, painful for more than 10 years

【Forefront Ling】Cure in 40 days

I am a securities analyst. I work in a large securities company. I have 2 children and a virtuous wife. My life is quite happy. But when I was in my 40s, I found myself  frequent and urgent urination, and this phenomenon gradually became more and more serious. Later, white urine, incomplete urine, and painful urination occurred. I didn’t care at first because my body was always very healthy. Later, after my family's persuasion, I went to the hospital for a checkup and found out that it was prostate. hyperplasia, I only knew that there was a disease like prostate hyperplasia at this time. This was also the beginning of my nightmare.

Later, I went to a larger hospital for treatment, and my condition was under control, and my mood gradually improved. But it didn't take long for it to relapse again. In this way, repeated treatments and relapses left a strong man with only a pair of stinky skins. I have lost confidence in my life and work, and I have lived in pain for more than 10 years.

After being introduced by a friend, I tried Professor Feng's {Forefront Ling}, a small pill made of pure plant Chinese medicine. I also ate with the attitude of giving it a try, because I think it's better to try it anyway. After eating for 1 week, nocturia was reduced to 3 times. On the 15th day, I felt urinary smooth. After 1 month, I felt much better and there was no sign of recurrence. I was really so happy. The disease for 10 years has finally been cured, so I hereby declare that {Forefront Ling} is really effective. Thanks to Professor Feng Sizhong for the research and development.



A lot of feedback after use


Even Malaysian celebrities are benefiting and recommend it!

Huang Guanxing, President of the Malaysian Prostate Cancer Association, said: 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. Fortunately, I met Feng Sizhong's {Forefront Ling}; I, defeated prostate cancer! Today, ten years later, I am still alive! grateful!


Dr. Hemanth Kumar Ramasamy of the Malaysian Urological Association said: Prostate disease is not terrible and is not difficult to treat. As long as the right medicine is used, the active substance in the {Forefront Ling} Chinese medicine pill can cure prostate disease. It is really effective without recurrence!


The real miraculous prescription+ miraculous medicine = miraculous effect

One miraculous prescription: It is a rare secret prescription for purging palaces and treating evil diseases. It has been verified for more than 300 years of curative effect, and the effect is very good. It can completely replace surgery to cure prostate diseases.

Two miraculous medicine: The selected medicinal materials are all rare and exotic materials, with high medicinal properties and high activity; adding a variety of Feng's secret strong medicines, the medicine is strong and takes effect fast; it is produced by ion atomization technology, and the ions of the medicine are only 1 nanometer. The traditional decoction is purified and made into Chinese medicine pills, with an absorption rate of 99.9%.

Three miraculous effect It starts from the root of prostate disease, clears the urethra, excrete adenotoxin, contract sphincter, and eliminates various prostate diseases roundly




How to recover from prostate disease? ?

First of all, we need to know how can the prostate not attack? Let's start with its structure: the prostate is a unique male reproductive organ, which is deep in the male pelvic cavity. Its shape and size are very similar to a chestnut. The bottom is up, the tip is down, it is red and slightly gray, and it wraps around the beginning of the male urethra.

Clinically, it is often divided into five lobes, namely the front, middle, back and left and right side lobes. The front and back lobes are not big, and lesions rarely occur, mainly the middle lobe and the left and right lobes. They are an important part of the prostate and also an important part of chronic prostatitis. Because there is a layer of lipid-like envelope on the surface of the prostate to form a prostate barrier, it is difficult for most antibacterial drugs to penetrate the envelope and enter the glands to reach an effective blood drug concentration. Therefore, it is difficult to receive the expected curative effect when administering medicine to the patient. This is also one of the important reasons why chronic prostatitis is difficult to heal.


Chinese Medicine "Forefront Ling" only needs three stages to recover prostate

Stage 1: "Forefront Ling" selects 4 Chinese Cordyceps and 11 valuable ingredients of Chinese medicine. After the concentrated essence of Chinese medicine enters the prostate glands, gonads and bladder, it will wash away the toxins clogged in the glands and pass the urine like a detergent to clean the sleeves. Then through the urine, the tea yellow toxin is excreted from the body.


Stage 2: "Forefront Ling" has ingredients that other products do not have. It is a veritable "National Treasure Male Silkworm Moth". In addition to nourishing the prostate gland, it can also normalize the swollen and enlarged prostate.


Stage 3: After 2-3 courses of treatment, the extracts of Aspongopus, Ginseng, Cnidium, Antler, Cistanche, etc. in "Forefront Ling" begin to take effect on the sphincter of prostate and bladder, restore its contractile muscle function, it will respond with a little effort. Completely obey the instructions of the brain, and reach the state of urinating when you want to pee, peeing cleanly, enjoyable for husband and wife affairs, completely stay away from impotence and premature ejaculation.


Of course, you will know the effect only after you have tried it. It is recommended that all male friends try it!


"Some people say that Demon Feng is the reincarnation of Hua Tuo and the rebirth of Bian Que; others say that Demon Feng is the sacred hand of prostate disease. Demon Feng says that he is an ordinary doctor, with more than 40 years of medical experience and palace imperial secret recipe for 300 years , So that prostate patients will not be tortured by the disease, not wasting hard-earned money; let "Forefront Ling" really cure the prostate disease for patients; Protect everyone's health!!!


In order for the majority of prostate disease patients to cure the disease as soon as possible, and spend less money. "Forefront Ling" is now holding charity relief activities. It is reported that this event was initiated by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia and is a global public welfare event. During the event:

The original price is RM285 for 1 box, now you only need:

One course of treatment is RM 192 per box[specially treat frequent and urgent urination and incomplete urination]

Two courses of treatment for RM 267 2 boxes[specially treat prostatitis and hyperplasia]

The best treatment for three courses of treatment form RM 281  of  3 boxes [Resolve all prostate and male functional problems, a 70-year-old man is as strong as a 20-year-old guy]

Note: This event is limited to the last 7 days, buy now, and the original price will be restored after 7 days

[One bottle is 60 pills]

[It is recommended to take one pill after lunch and dinner, twice a day]


To be a real man, do not suffer from the prostate problems, you must use Forefront Ling!


The light of Malaysia, the gospel for prostate patients around the world➠{Forefront Ling}, radically cures stubborn prostate diseases, and easily stops frequent and urgent urination, dysuria, and weak urination~
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